Benefits of BAL Outdoor Cushions

Stop wasting money on cheap outdoor cushions.
You’ll save a lot of money in the long run if you simply invest in better quality outdoor soft furnishings that are specifically designed for the outdoors.

Have you ever bought cheap outdoor cushions only to discover in a few weeks they start fading or going mouldy? In the bin they go!

They don't look good for long do they?

That's because they aren't really specifically designed for outdoor use. They are either made with lower quality fabrics or the wrong type altogether. 

We have researched and discovered the perfect fabrics for outdoor soft furnishings and developed a range that is both effective and affordable.

All our products are designed by Aussies for Aussies and to withstand harsh Aussie weather conditions such as long hot Summer days, high UV, high humidity and rain just appearing out of nowhere!

All our outdoor cushions are uniquely designed in Australia with YOUR lifestyle and outdoor area in mind. You're sure to find something you like and that resonates your style.

Beach Abode Living Outdoor Cushion Covers are resistant to UV, repel rain / water and are especially treated to resist the growth of mould and mildew so you can leave your cushions outdoors all year round - no more running around like a headless chicken bringing in your outdoor cushions every time it rains!

Keep your outdoor area looking fantastic with fresh, bright, clean, weather-resistant outdoor specific soft furnishings from Beach Abode Living.

You'll be glad you did and you'll save $$$ in the long run.

10 GREAT Benefits of BAL Outdoor Cushions


1. UV Resistant - So they won't fade as fast as cheap outdoor cushions

2. Water / Rain Resistant - Water runs off the surface, keeping inserts dry

3. Mildew / Mould Resistant - Safe, clean and stain free

4. Specifically designed for Outdoors - Can be left outside

5. Affordable - Great value for money. 

6. Durable - Will last for many years. Even dog scratch resistant!

7. Easy Clean - Machine Washable or simply wipe over with a damp cloth.

8. Different design on back and front - Offers styling versatility

9. High quality - expert design, skill and workmanship with Quality assurance

10. Money Back Guarantee - If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us and we'll offer you a full refund.